Instant 20/20 Reviews

James Alexander – (Scottsdale, AZ) Reviewed on: November 2013

I was going on a fishing trip with my buddies when I accidentally stepped on my glasses. I thought that ruined the day for me until I remembered that my son got me this eyeglasses for Christmas that is still sitting on my table, untouched. It’s an Instant 2020, an adjustable eyeglasses that gives you perfect vision. I really didn’t pay it any attention being I’m happy with my eyeglasses. Had I not stepped on them, I wouldn’t know how great Instant 2020 is. As claimed, it really gives you perfect vision no matter what you eye grade is.

Kelvin Graybill – (Buffalo, NY) Reviewed on: November 2013

I was going to attend my grandson’s game when my glasses went missing. There was no way I would miss that game and I know for sure I won’t enjoy it as much if I cannot see my grandson. It’s a good thing my wife has an Instant 2020. This is a great pair of eyeglasses because anyone can use it and can own a pair without needing a prescription. It gives you perfect vision with just an easy twist of the knobs. I’m mighty glad my wife has an Instant 2020. You never know when you need a backup pair of glasses.

Melanie Gran – (Plano, TX) Reviewed on: November 2013

I can never have enough backup pair of reading glasses. I am quite forgetful so I have a backup pair everywhere; in the car, in my office and inside my everyday purse. The one that I like the most is my Instant 2020. It may not look as stylish as the trendy glasses you see out there but it’s very comfortable to wear. Instant 2020 is the adjustable glasses that you dial-in for perfect vision. When your eyes get tired and everything look blurry, just adjust the knob and you can see clearly again. I love my Instant 2020.

Garret Lee – (Greensboro, NC) Reviewed on: November 2013

Anybody who has poor eyesight like me should get an Instant 2020. You cannot find a better backup pair than this. Instant 2020 will suit you whether you’re near-sighted or far-sighted. All you need to do is dial-in for perfect vision. Each stem has this easy-to-turn knob. In a few seconds, you’ll find the setting that’s perfect for you. What’s great about Instant 2020 is anybody who needs glasses can use it. That’s right. If a friend or family needs an emergency pair of eyeglasses, you can let them borrow yours.

Peachy Laudermilch – (Bakersfield, CA) Reviewed on: November 2013

I was on vacation with the family when my eyeglasses got broken. I use a prescription pair and have no spare with me. My sister uses an Instant 2020 as a backup pair for her glasses. She lent it to me and after just a few minutes, I have decided to get one for myself. Instant 2020 is a great eyeglass. It’s adjustable; all it needs is a simple twist of the dial that you find on each stem. It is very easy to find the setting that would work best for you. As soon as we got home, I placed an order and this is one purchase I’m very happy about.

Zoey Kelly – (Raleigh, NC) Reviewed on: November 2013

I arrived at my office one day and I forgot to bring my eyeglasses. I live far so it’s not practical to go back and get it. My secretary lent me the spare glasses she keeps in her drawer. It’s an Instant 2020. It really saved my day because I was able to go through all the documents on my desk using it. It’s very comfortable to wear and adjusting it to provide perfect vision is easy. A simple turn of each knob is all it takes for me to see clearly. I have asked my secretary to get me my own Instant 2020. I intend to have one as my back up glasses.

Jennifer Peffer – (Albuquerque, NM) Reviewed on: November 2013

I have an eye infection and couldn’t wear my contact lenses. There are paperworks I need to do and I realized I should’ve gotten a backup pair already. My wife has an Instant 2020 that she asked me to use. Whoever invented this product is a genius! Instant 2020 is a great backup pair. It works for both short-sighted and far-sighted wearers. My wife and I are, respectively. Who knew we could share backup eyeglasses. Now, I can let my eye infection heal properly without hampering my need for my vision.

Craig Schmidek – (Harrisburg, PA) Reviewed on: November 2013

Everyone who wears glasses, either prescription or readers, who is looking for a backup pair should get an Instant 2020. It’s one purchase that’s very practical. Eyeglasses are very easy to misplace and having a backup is a must. Instant 2020 is a great backup. Not only is it durable, it gives you perfect vision too. It works great for anyone, no matter what the age. Even those who wear bifocals would love it, too. Instant 2020 does not require prescription, is ready to use and all it takes to have perfect vision is an easy twist of a knob.

Nicole Samson – (El Paso, TX) Reviewed on: November 2013

I borrowed my dad’s car one day to go to the pharmacy. I forgot to bring my eyeglasses with me. It’s a good thing I remember that my dad keeps a pair of eyeglasses in his car. It was an Instant 2020. I didn’t know there’s an adjustable glasses in the market. Instant 2020 works great. With an easy twist of a dial, I was able to see clearly. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to own a pair of Instant 2020. Anybody who needs an extra pair of glasses should get one.

Peggy Irish – (San Francisco, CA) Reviewed on: November 2013

I have long been looking for a backup pair for my glasses and it’s hard to find one that really works well. I almost had a second pair made until I heard about Instant 2020. As claimed, Instant 2020 is the first adjustable eye glasses that is a good backup pair for prescription glasses. I thought why not try it so I ordered one. Instant 2020 does not disappoint. It really is a great pair of backup glasses. For those who are looking for a pair, try getting Instant 2020. You’ll be happy you did.