Instant 20/20 Reviews

Wendi Adams – (Syracuse, NY) Reviewed on: November 2013

My mother is old already but she still is a certified bookworm. During her spare time you will usually see her with her nose buried in a book. I gave her an Instant 2020 so she can have a backup pair of glasses in case she misplaces her eyeglasses. She loves her Instant 2020. Finding the correct setting is not a problem for her; all it needs really is a simple dial-in. Plus, Instant 2020 is comfortable to wear and is really practical to have around.

Kim Shermer – (Oceanside, CA) Reviewed on: November 2013

If you’re thinking of a gift for an older friend or family and couldn’t come up with one that’s practical, give him or her an Instant 2020. It’s the adjustable eyeglasses that you dial-in for perfect vision. Instant 2020 is a great back-up pair for those who wear glasses or contact lenses. It’s durable, comfortable to wear and really helps the wearer see clearly. Anybody who receives Instant 2020 will surely appreciate it. It’s one product that they can use for a very long time.

Lauren Allen – (Grand Prairie, TX) Reviewed on: November 2013

I brought home a lot of paper work for the weekend and I couldn’t find my glasses. Then I remember getting a pair of Instant 2020 on my last birthday. I really haven’t paid any attention to it thinking it’s one of those products that don’t deliver what they promise. I’m so happy to be proven wrong because Instant 2020 really delivers, and more! You don’t need to be a genius to find the correct setting that would suit you. It’s a simple dial-in operation and that’s it, perfect vision is yours. Instant 2020 is now my go-to backup pair.

Joseph Beyer – (Madison, WI) Reviewed on: November 2013

I had a lot of work to do on my car when I accidentally broke my glasses. I don’t have a spare and luckily, my wife got one. It’s an Instant 2020, the adjustable glasses that gives you perfect vision and that, if I may add, you can share. Because it’s adjustable, any wearer can use it. Just dial-in to find the perfect setting that suits you. Had it not been for Instant 2020, I wouldn’t be able to do the work on my car. Instant 2020 saved the day for me.

Heather Amos – (Charleston, WV) Reviewed on: November 2013

At the end of the day, one of the things I look forward to is removing my contact lenses. I use the soft ones but it still feels like there’s an unwanted object in my eyes. My eyes can’t function without any help though so I’m so glad I have Instant 2020. It really gives me perfect vision with just a simple dial-in. Instant 2020 is comfortable to wear and durable, too. I’ve had it for quite some time now and it still suits my needs well because it’s adjustable. And, I know it’s going to last me a long time.

Jenine Carreras – (Montpeller, VT) Reviewed on: November 2013

One day at work I saw my officemate take out this eyeglass. She was tinkering it on the stem so I asked her what was she doing. Apparently, it was an Instant 2020, the adjustable glasses that you dial-in for perfect vision. I asked her if I could try it on. My goodness, I love it on the first try. It doesn’t matter what your vision condition is, you can make it adapt to your needs. It’s easy to dial in and in a matter of seconds, you can see clearly. It may not look as pretty as you would want your eyeglasses to be but it’s a good backup nonetheless.

Sandy DeBlander – (Salem, OR) Reviewed on: November 2013

On her last birthday I gave my sister an Instant 2020. I know it’s not the usual gift people give but I believe it’s a practical one. If you’re a reading glass wearer, you can never have enough backups. Glasses are often misplaced and it would be good to have a backup handy. The great thing about Instant 2020 is you can use it for a long time. It’s adjustable, you see, so as your grade goes up you can adjust it to still suit your needs. My sister loved the gift, by the way and is getting gone for her hubby.

Karen King – (Tacoma, WA) Reviewed on: November 2013

There are purchases I have made that I am not very proud of. I admit that I can be quite impulsive in buying. One purchase I am very happy about is Instant 2020. It’s this adjustable eyeglasses that you can get without a doctor’s prescription. It has a knob that you can dial-in for perfect vision. It doesn’t matter whether you’re near-sighted or far-sighted, Instant 2020 will work well for you. It’s a great back-up glasses and everybody who no longer have 20/20 vision should have one. It’s a practical gift, too.

Cody Jensen – (Richmond, VA) Reviewed on: November 2013

I am a straight-arm reader; I have been for quite some time now. The thing is I haven’t had the time to go to an optometrist yet. I know there are ready-made reading glasses in the market but I don’t think they suit me. I don’t know what my grade is and the reading glasses I have tried make me dizzy. I heard about Instant 2020 one time I was watching TV. I like how the product the described and the cost is okay so I ordered one. I am pleased with my decision. Instant 2020 suits me well. It would be a good back-up pair when I already have my glasses made.

Cheri Kennedy – (Hialeah, FL) Reviewed on: November 2013

My girlfriends and I were watching a play and there I was squinting coz I am yet to have my eyeglasses changed. I’ve been wearing my pair for a long time already and I suspect my grade has gone up again. I had no time yet to see my eye doctor. It’s a good thing my friend heard about Instant 2020 that you buy without prescription. It’s a good pair of eyeglasses that you can adjust depending on your needs. It’s easy to use and you can really see clearly with it. While I don’t have the time yet to see my doctor, Instant 2020 is a good alternative.